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One of the other services I offer is Discreet Ancestor Research where I put together a premium package displaying several generations inclusive of valuable peripheral research. Records researched will include census, vital records from church and civil registraton, place, military, photographs and other data that is readily available and will be backed up by many complementary extras not normally provided with average research packages.

This service is limited in the number of customers I can accept.

I am Nick Thorne and I research family history. When I was new to family tree research I continuously came up against all sorts of ancestor brick walls; back then I didn't know how to get past them. I missed out on a lot of leads that I could have found and followed sooner if I had known where to look. Eventually I realised that I needed to find out just how to untangle the elusive roots and branches. So I set out to learn more about the subject of family history. I've now set it all down in a collection of weekly downloadable guides that you can follow in your own time and at your own speed. I call it the Family History Researcher Academy Membership Site.